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This great firm is constantly in the headlines. For all the right reasons, of course, as they have continued to grow and still retained their quality vision to be the best.

Growth hasn’t hurt them (it’s made them stronger), and the beauty is it still means there is plenty of room at the top for those senior lawyers who want to make their way up. There’s none of the million dollar business plans to get you there. It all boils down to your quality expertise, demonstrated leadership and mentoring and realistic ambition to get there. And what’s so great about this lot is the Partnership is still of such a size where you are on first name terms with those who want to see you get there.

This tax opportunity has greatness written all over it, so is the perfect spot if you are on your way up/at a Senior Associate spot. Working closely with two Partners, you will flex your expertise across both back and front end tax advisory work, including the provision of tax advice on issues related to transactions (acquisitions, disposals and restructures), implementation of restructures (including document drafting) and assisting with the provision of general taxation advice regarding income tax, capital gains tax, goods and services tax and state taxes. So you really will be part and parcel of the broader corporate exposure of the tax world. What’s even better is you will also be looked upon to guide and mentor the junior lawyers in the team. There’s a few of them to welcome you with open arms, delegate work to, and support you along your way. 

This great find totally has your name on it with your demonstrated experience from a quality outfit. You are committed to continuing your success with a key player, and see your future with a firm who value reward and recognition. There’s no carrot dangling here. You do a fantastic job, you get the fantastic rewards. What’s more is the path is not blocked by those who have stagnated along the way. It’s a busy tax team, one of the most renowned in Brisbane, and your expertise in the tax space will be the perfect fit. Want the best for your career? Then you need to be here.

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