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We have to say, hand on heart, we honestly can’t remember the last time we recruited for this Property team. So it’s a genuine pleasure to be assisting the Property Partners again with the continued growth of their team.

They really are awesome. Tremendously respected in the property arena and with a phenomenal camaraderie in the team that makes their lawyers enjoy coming to work every day. And it’s solid, high level commercial property work. Not a sniff of leasing, just all the good stuff for you to really get stuck into.

The two Partners you’ll have genuine access to here really do practice what they preach.  They are tremendously respected by their Peers and consistently have the number one ranking when it comes to quality property work across Australia.  They’ve both been around the traps long enough to solve any property related problem their client faces so it’s no surprise they act for some of Australia’s largest developers.  So it’s the finest work on offer here.  Just think of all the big commercial property and development transactions at the moment and you’ll be involved in it.  You’ll also get stuck into the sale of airports, ports and rail infrastructure and advising local government and authorities on a range of issues from stamp duty through to titling, joint ventures and sales and acquisitions.  It’s an absolute cracker of a role.  One where you’ll be actively involved in being a trusted advisor to key clients as you assist their real estate growth.

So what’s going to work?  Without doubt, a commercial property lawyer with 3 to 4 years pure commercial property experience in a highly recognised Boutique, National or International firm.  It’s a big call, but the quality of work here will only suit a solid commercial property lawyer who can get stuck into things from day one.  And you can be guaranteed you really will be doing that.  These guys like to grow from within so they actively encourage client contact, independence and supported autonomy.  The chance to be involved in industry memberships and councils and to genuinely contribute to the success of the team.  Been in the dark for too long?  Then it’s time to have a chat.

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