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Medical Negligence
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We have to say it’s a cracker of a role this one.  It’s with one of the Real Australian Powerhouse firms who offer a full commercial service to their Australian and International clients. They’ve been one to watch for a while as they’ve continued their growth strategy as a first tier practice, and their focus on their talent has been a continued priority

So here you’d be joining a cohesive progressive Partnership. One which is continually reviewing, modifying and improving its process. One that never stands still. And one that will ensure you have the richest pickings in the defendant insurance arena.

Whilst housed within a great National firm, the insurance practice remains smaller and close-knit, offering you unparalleled opportunities for Partner and Client access. From the moment you join this team, you become one of them, a real face of the business. And naturally, a smaller team means scope for greater career progression and opportunities to contribute to the success of your team. The insurance practice enjoy a reputation for their strategic and commercial approach, and they operate on the premise that it is in their clients’ best interests to be realistically informed about the status of their prospects. You’ll be involved in a great variety of work here, advising your clients on matters of public liability, workers compensation, professional indemnity and medical negligence. Learning from a renowned leader in the insurance space, you’ll be representing all the big names in the insurance arena and really be involved in the full life cycle of the claim.

It goes without saying your demonstrated defendant insurance experience with a renowned team will go down a storm here. We appreciate some of those teams can be full of lawyers at your level, so what his opportunity offers is the chance to progress. Rather than being stuck doing the same work day in day out, here you’ll have variety, all whilst really making a name for yourself in your team and in the insurance arena. It goes without saying the team focus on reward and recognition. They really want a ‘team mate’ who they can support and nurture to be their very best. And that’s what’s really on offer here. Priceless.

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