The Agency is a specialist legal recruitment agency. We recruit lawyers for lawyers in Brisbane and throughout Australia, but we like to do it a bit differently here. We do it your way.

We appreciate that finding the perfect recruitment agent is like finding the perfect partner. It’s a dream when it’s all going smoothly, and a nightmare when it’s not. So here at The Agency we do it the right way. The way it should be.

Let Us Help You


This is your process so there’s nothing scary here. We just talk. And talk. And get to find out what is and what isn’t doing it for you in your current role.

We look at opportunities together and start to map out your ideal role. It’s fully transparent here so you know exactly which legal teams we are discussing. That’s a promise. Then, when you are ready, we make a full and confidential introduction for you. Totally and utterly.

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This is your team, and your role, so we get to know everything about you. That’s they way we look after it here at The Agency. Like it’s our own.

We get to know you and your business, and all the in’s and out’s of the role. Then we start to map out what your ideal lawyer looks like. That perfect person. The one who will make it all work. And then we go and find them. 

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